Take Action Now!

Local Organizations & Events

For a list of local organizations and events to actively RESIST the current administration, see the East Bay Action Coalition (EBAC) website. The site includes various organizations that support the RESIST movement from various Indivisible groups to Together We Will and the Women’s March. The calendar is one of the most comprehensive consolidated calendars of progressive organizations in the area.

Other RESIST Tools

  • DAILY ACTION: Sign up for daily texts with specific actions at the Daily Action website. Every day, you will get an action alert with a specific phone number to call.
  • FIVE CALLS: Promoted by Michael Moore, the Five Calls app is similar to the Daily Action, but you launch the information from an app on your smart phone. The Five Calls app also provides additional details about the topic so you can read up before you call. Learn more and download from the Five Calls website.
  • RESISTANCE MANUAL: The Resistance Manual is a great website to delve into specific actions, including local legislative actions you can take.
  • INDIVISIBLE GUIDE: If you haven’t read the Indivisible Guide, you should. It’s a very short read. After reading, check for your local Indivisible group on the EBAC website.
  • DARK MONEY: Less a tool than a resource, Dark Money is a book by New Yorker writer Jane Mayer. Highly recommended by Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11). For more details before you buy the book, read the New York Times Book Review.

Your Local Democratic Club

One of the most important ways you can take action now is to join the Concord Democratic Club! We need to build a strong group of progressively-minded grassroots members to implement the RESIST strategies locally. Join us today!