April 2017 Newsletter


New Officers, 2017 Strategies, New Website, and April Meeting

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New Officers

2017 Executive Officers Elected at March Meeting

The Concord Democratic Club had a larger crowd than usual at our March meeting with members expressing a renewed interest in rebuilding the local Democratic club. Congratulations to the new officers:

  • President: Jeff Koertzen
  • Vice-President: Dr. Harmesh Kumar
  • Treasurer: Bill Bindal
  • Secretary: Melanie Smith

Thank you to our outgoing board for your work over the past year!



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2017 Strategies Identified

At the March meeting, incoming President Jeff Koertzen led the members in a brief strategy workshop session. The members identified three primary strategies for 2017, mostly around rebuilding the club.

  1. Membership: Members would like to see the club re-engage with old members and seek out new members. This may be done through club events and programs or through direct contact. We set a goal of at least 50 active and paid members by the end of 2017.
  2. Back-to-Basics: Engage with Democrats in our community and get our message out. Develop a voter registration program and begin developing a neighbor-to-neighbor precinct program.
  3. Infrastructure: The board has been directed to focus on the basics of the structure of the organization. We will make sure that the website is up and functioning and that members have an easy way to pay dues. The website will be one of the primary locations as a “go-to site” for club events and information. We will have a calendar available for upcoming events. The bylaws will be posted and available for all members to read. The board will accurately track members in a club roster.

Many of these strategies rely upon one another. Please note that the descriptions of the strategies are brief that may become more complex as the programs are developed. If you are interested in volunteering with the Concord Democratic Club to help us accomplish these strategies, please fill out our Volunteer Registration form.







New Website Launched

To meet one of our infrastructure goals, the board is pleased to announce that our new website is now live. While we are still working on some of the pages, a lot of information is ready and available. Features include:

  • Quick links in the banner above the header to pay dues, donate, or to volunteer.
  • Quick links to register to vote online or to find your polling place.
  • Quick link to a page to find local RESIST resources.
  • All emails from this newsletter (Mailchimp) will automatically post as updates on the home page.
  • All upcoming events will be posted and members will be able to download the events to their personal calendars.
  • A sign-up form for this newsletter/mailing list.
  • The bylaws have been posted.
  • The footer for the site contains updates from our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

If there is anything else you would like to see or to provide other feedback, please fill out the Contact form on the website. Thank you!




Next Meeting April 26, 2017

Our April meeting will be at the regular place and time. The board is still setting up a regular time to meet, so the agenda will be distributed within the next seven days to meet the bylaw requirement of 10 days prior to the meeting.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
7:00 pm
2702 Clayton Rd, Suite 200, Room 252, Concord CA 94519
John F. Kennedy University Community Center
Across from the Concord BART station parking garage
Transportation and ADA Accessible




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